Why Being Listed in 111 Women in Tech Speakers List is just the start

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I'm so chuffed to have been listed in this 111 women in the UK who could speak at your tech event list in August, but the real story is why is this list even needed.
I was talking to a journalist who knew that I "did Women in Tech stuff" and remembered our Social Media for Women Conference back in 2013, here's an overview of my journey so far, and what we need to do to effect change.

#SelfCareSeptember 2016 - Working That Balance

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A big thanks first of all must goto my lovely networking friend Anne-Marie Alger, who runs her own Psychotherapy & Counselling practice in the North West, UK, for letting our group know about this challenge!

The idea is every day, for the 30 days of September, you make sure you do something for YOU, and if possible share that with the world with the hashtag #SelfCareSeptember

Talk - Processes and Apps for Productivity at Flock Global London

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The month of August has been super busy so it was great to close it off in a smart, organised, classy fashion, with a fantastic evening speaking to the brilliant people at Flock Global in London. I shared some of my history, past expeirnces of everything "getting a bit too much" and how to boost our Productivity with the right tools and processes, to get a great work/life balance.

I'm one of the Founding50 members at FlockGlobal and LOVE the network and what it represents. The three founding beliefs are Collaboration, Knowledge and Action, and aligns with what we at DigiEnable believe too! So it was super exciting to be invited to speak to the group.

We looked at different types of productivity processes like Pomodoro, Get Things Done and Eat That Frog, alongside what apps would help you achieve these processes and goals.

Film Review - Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992)

Photo: IMDB - Gary Oldman in Bram Stoker's Dracula

With a star studded line up and a famous direction from Francis Ford Coppola, and 8 awards including 3 Oscars, you'd be forgiven for thinking the focus would be on them, but this is an amazing film you must watch!
This is by far then, and still is now my favourite ever film. I am a total horror film buff, but this goes so much deeper than just the awesome story. The stylistic nature, attention to detail and quality of production, makes the film a timeless classic that I would highly recommend.

Women in Tech - Speakers Directory List

Women In Tech North Meet - Photo:Rebecca Taylor

When women get together, they can take on pretty much anything, all they need is some organising.
This can be said for anyone to be honest, especially my fellow union activists, however this blog is particularly focused in eliminating all-male panels, conferences and events. If you've read any of my previous posts around the Social Media for Women Conference I organised back in 2013, you'll know this is one topic very dear to my heart. We've had many a healthy debate upon the reasons why but we could do that all day (and some of us do) and get nothing achieved. That's why I made a big point and setup a conference that had all women speakers and workshop leaders, but that was still inclusive of all to delegates.
I didn't pick these women just because they had boobs, but because they were sh*t hot at their jobs and were my go-to people in their sectors. The event was a massive success and hopefully set the mark for others. Here's my list of useful directory listings to help you find the right female speaker for your event.

Book Review - #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso

#Girlboss front cover

Want to be a "badass" business woman? Whether you run your own business, or are just wanting more from your worklife, #GIRLBOSS is an addictive, supportive and at times funny read. Here's my review of this birthday gift book.

What's a girlboss? "A #Girlboss is someone who's in charge of her own life. She gets what she wants because she works for it."

Making a Geek more Chic - Colour and Style Consultations

Liz and her colours

Some of you may already know, I've been struggling for a while with my personal professional fashion style. Even those words seem a bit alien to me.
Since a young age, I haven't cared what people look like, and it's like I've always had blinkers on for what people wear. So from years of working in a black pants and branded polo shirt, to jeans and a t-shirt, I've always rebelled from "uniforms". So when I started my own business, I was still naive in thinking people thought like me, and only focused on how good you were at your job and what you said, not what you look like, but sadly I've learnt this still isn't the case in our modern world.

So over the past 6 months I've been on a personal learning curve of fashion and style. I've asked loads of questions, to lots of ladies - and some men with honest opinions - what to do to not only be smart enough to play with the big boys, but still have my personality come across.

I've actually been to EU Parliament, and I'm still voting IN

Liz at EU Parliament

Earlier on this month polling commissioned by Electoral Reform Society, said only 16% of voters felt well informed on the issues of the EU referendum, I'm hoping by now that number has vastly increased!
On Thursday 23rd June 2016, voters will vote either "remain" or "leave" to the very specifically worded question "Should the UK remain a member of the EU, or leave the EU?"
In itself this question and the answers were tweaked from "yes" and "no" because the Electoral Commission believed the phrasing could be understood as biased.
It's been an absolute quagmire of information, and most of it, untrue or bent. The stats from the independent offices are the ones I've based my decisions on, alongside my previous knowledge of the EU and what the UK, and me personally, have gain from being in the EU.

Talk - Boost Your Productivity at Women In Tech Nottingham

Photo: WiT_Notts

I'll often be found saying "oh I do like a good app", but sadly I've yet to find the golden nugget of the single app that does all I need it to do for the productivity side of things.
I've been running my business DigiEnable for just over 4 years (how times flown) and frequently test productivity apps, but when they aren't intuitive or fit in with, or sync with my other processes, it's a quick uninstall from me.
In productivity, and boosting my own, I've found apps to be very important for keeping me on track. You hear lots of people suggesting to switch off your notifications completely, but when used wisely, notifications can really help boost productivity, and leave less up to chance (and an aging memory.)
I was super excited to be invited to talk at Women In Tech Nottingham, and picking my geekiest favourite at the moment, I focused my interactive talk around making us as super productive as possible.

Guest Blog - Five Things Everyone Should Know Before Starting A Company

Liz Hardwick Guest Blogger

Do you ever catch yourself saying "oh I *wish* someone had told me THAT earlier?" In business, there seems to be a huge majority of people that are scared/don't have time/don't care/don't engage with others enough to help those behind them. I've always been one of those people to freely share and support where I can so when I got the opportunity to blog about my top 5 things I wished I'd know before I started my own business, I was very happy to. The hardest things was narrowing my selection down to 5!
Badass+Living launched this year as is aimed at empowered business women who want to support and empower others - more needed we say!
Read my guest blog 5 things everyone should know before starting a company and feel free to share with someone else you think might benefit.

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