Liz Speaks At Global Professionals & Managers Conference in Kuala Lumpur

A fabulous line-up of speakers for this event aimed at Professionals and Managers, and also the ICT sector of professionals too, including topics on Skills for New World of Work, Organising the Tech World, The Right to Disconnect, Organising and Representing Mangers and (what I was there to host), the Global Women in STEM agenda. All from the heart of Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur.


With such a fast-moving tech world, it’s great to see organisations like these, invest time, money and energy into making sure their teams and managers have the right skills for utilising technology and digital for the future of work. The right to disconnect is a growing global issues as we see more people moving to remote working, and that feeling of guilt sets in if we see an email and don’t respond to it straight away.


Hosting Live Translation Panel

For our section of the conference, we had a fabulous panel of international female women in STEM, and this was a big opportunity for the professionals and managers to ask questions of the panel, to better understand the barriers women in STEM can face, how to support more women in the workplace, and the different levels of results and achievements across the world.

I hosted the panel, prepped the panellists and some of the key questions in advance, and as we were all speaking different languages, we used live translation services along with live questions TV walls to engage the audience. It was SO EXCITING! I LOVE doing this stuff. And as always their translators were awesome – if they can understand and translate my Northern accent they are top experts in their field!

I also had a good chat with some of the translators over a coffee break during the conference in the lobby about how to make a “proper cup of tea” – it was a global and unanimous verdict, milk in after! (Which I had to admit, I don’t do, but my mum did teach me that, so I survived!) I actually very rarely drink a type of tea that would suit adding milk!

Anyway, I digress…


The panel was fabulous – a range of cultures, backgrounds, experiences, and locations, and really true reflection of a global issue.

(From left to right)

Chair: Liz Hardwick (DigiEnable, UK)

• Simone Baia (FISENGE, Brazil)

• Dwi Handayani (Aspek, Indonesia)

• Johanne Störkersen (NITO, Norway)


Making An Impact

Long gone are the days where we can just pay lip-service to issues like Women In Tech or Women in STEM, we much make suggestions of achievable actions, and that’s exactly what we did. My final question to the panel from the 90 minute session, was what they would suggest. A good variety of suggestions, all easy to implement, but the main take-away was communication – it’s the age old thing that communication is key, but it really is. ASK your teams, recruitment processes, delegates, everyone what would help them get more involved and make a more inclusive workforce!

It was a fab conference, and Kuala Lumpur was amazing, with yummy food and fabulous pretty buildings… aswell as lovely real-world people and businesses. Here’s me at the Petrona Towers and their light show – a daily event definitely worth checking out if you find the time!