Top Apps for Reducing Stress and Refocusing

So let’s set the scene - you’re handling life, work, family, and other commitments pretty well, but sometimes some things can just pile up and get on top of you. Some stress can be good, can even make us more productive in the way we handle things and can feel like we are smashing it good! But, other times that stress can overload, we can get fatigue, the exhausted, then anger, panic and/or anxiety can kick in. If left to snowball this call quickly result in a breakdown and complete burn out. It’s not a pretty sight and can feel like a never ending struggle to get back up to a manageable stress level. So, being a savvy and clever person that you are, it make sense to try and catch these triggers before the stress levels get us all overloaded. So here’s an overview of some top apps to help reduce your stress levels and help refocus your mind and body.



1 – Daily Yoga This is another fabulous app to help you get some daily space in your day, this time for yoga. You can choose a variety of different body focuses or themes /styles of yoga. There are extra sessions you can download as plugins and I was so impressed with the variety and the guided sessions, I've had a pro membership for a number of years.
On Android and iOS


2 – Insight Timer Over the years, this app has come on leaps and bounds. When it first arrived in the app stores, it was little more than a singing bowl, gong noises and a timer… Now it is so much more. You can search for your favourite meditation guide, length of session or browse for something that connects with your current frame of mind.


3 – Sattva After several years, this meditation app is still a firm favourite of mine because it has a little more spiritual focus and chanting options. However, as some sad stories go it appears they’ve tried to monetise it and gone a little too far. It’s still a lovely app but a little hard to navigate around to find the free things available.


4 – Meditation Studio A relatively new app in the shop, this one has a clear and tidy interface, with some lovely short meditations, along with “classes” where you can learn more about the benefits and techniques to reducing stress with meditation.


5 – Smiling Mind A great to learn new techniques via guided instructions and different practices, building upon your knowledge and practice bit by bit. I've personally learnt quite a bit from this app!


6 – White Noise This app is great to relax or fall asleep with. You can choose a single natural sound, or mix several together to create your own track. There’s even a “White Noise Market” where you can upload your own sounds and download other people’s too. I love this app to timer a sound to fall asleep to.


7 – HabitBull Once you’ve got a little motivation to change, organising and tracking your good positive habits can really help you stay on track – and using an app like HabitBull keeps it fun too!  


8 – ThinkUp : Positive Affirmations This was a suggestion from someone who wouldn’t normally seem like an affirmations person. But the concept around affirmations – and the unique thing about this app – is that using your own voice and listening to the recordings back helps make your affirmations stronger. ThinkUp allows you to have a small number of recordings for free, before upgrading if you want more – I have the pro version and highly recommend it for flexibility.


9 – Bliss Gratitude Journal A grea way to start a gratitude journal if you’ve never had one, or if you find you struggle for ideas of what to write about when you sit down to reflect. Bliss gives you regular prompts with different themes to get you thinking about the bigger picture.  


10 - Other noteable apps to have a look at include Brain Yoga, VR Relax Nature Walk, Colorfy, Antistress – relaxation toys, Zen Garden 3D, and Zen Garden.


Over the past few years I’ve really enjoyed downloading and testing out different Apps – I’m on Android, so if you have any app suggestions of ones I should try next, please do let me know!